Ethical Commitment and Sustainability Initiatives

We, Accord Innovations, proudly align ourselves with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct. This commitment extends throughout our ethos and operations, reflecting our steadfast commitment to environmental, social, and ethical standards in the electronics and technology industry.

The RBA Code of Conduct serves as our guiding framework, encompassing a comprehensive range of international norms and standards. These include the ILO International Labor Standards, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ISO, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, SA standards, and more. By adhering to the RBA Code of Conduct, we ensure that our entire ecosystem operates ethically and sustainably, promoting trust, accountability, and positive impacts.

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Shared Responsibility

In this step towards ethical practices, we believe in shared responsibility, hence, we expect the same unwavering commitment to these practices from all our employees, business partners and suppliers.

Sustainability and Positive Impact

Our alignment with the RBA Code of Conduct goes beyond compliance—it reflects our dedication to sustainability and positive social impact. We actively work towards minimizing environmental impacts, fostering fair labor practices, and creating a net-positive effect on the communities we are associated with.

Continuous Improvement

Accord Innovations is committed to continuous improvement in our ethical practices. We regularly assess our ethos and operations and identify areas for improvement, ensuring that our commitment to ethical business remains dynamic and effective.

Trust and Accountability

Accord Innovations' commitment to ethical business practices and the RBA Code of Conduct underscores our commitment to building trust with our stakeholders. By upholding these standards, we prioritize accountability.