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IP Protection

Success in a global economy depends more and more on intellectual property (IP) assets.

IP-based businesses and entrepreneurs drive more economic growth in the United States than any other single sector. The protection of intellectual property rights in India continues to be strengthened. There is a well-established statutory, administrative and judicial framework to safeguard rights, whether they relate to patents, trademarks, copyright or industrial designs. Well-known international trademarks have been protected in India even when they were not registered in India.

Accord has undertaken the following measures to protect the Intellectual Property of our clients:

Policies and Agreements

Contractual Safeguards ensure security of each and every contract made with the customer. Accord executes an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with each customer, ensuring that all information received and deemed to be confidential will be maintained in confidence. Confidential Documents Control Policy is in place to ensure protection of intellectual property. Any confidential information received from third parties and customers are held in strictest confidence.


Important information like source code is well protected with passwords and access codes and it is available only to the members working on that project. Proper version control procedures are deployed to keep track of the changes done in the code. The code is backed up in an appropriate media, and erased from development, test and deployment servers after completion of the project.


Accord ensures that each employee has full knowledge of intellectual property (IP) protection rights and procedures and we enforce them strictly to keep client's intellectual property safe through legal bindings.


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We strive to develop partnership relations with all clients and develop long-term collaboration which can help us create complete win-win situations for both parties.

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Our team consists of individuals who are known in technical communities as leaders and very early adopters of most advanced, cutting-edge technologies. We have Microsoft MVPs, Certified Professionals, Trainers, Known technology Speakers, Technical book reviewers and technology enthusiasts with deep passion for learning and knowledge sharing.
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We offer cost-effective, smart and innovative services and solutions. We are located in Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, which is one of the most targeted business locations for outsourcing software development services worldwide. We have smart people with international recognitions.