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Banking and Finance

Consistent user experience. Strong analytics. Sound, stable infrastructure. These factors differentiate the next generation banks.

Banking and Financial Service industry has become extremely competitive due to fast changing accounting/regulatory requirements as well as ever-evolving customer needs. As a result, the industry has started to rely heavily on modernizing/customizing their existing solutions or unifying their different systems.

IntegLoan – A Loan Process Integration Platform
For many Credit Unions and Banks, existing Loan (i.e., Business, Commercial, or Retail) processing systems were either developed in-house, or purchased and integrated via COTS/Application Service Providers. However, in many cases they have not been integrated end-to-end or optimized. This has created multiple pain points such as:

  • Tightly Coupled systems
  • Lack of business process automation limiting loan processing throughput
  • Lack of straight through processing
  • Absence of data transparency
  • Manual coding errors during loan processing
  • Inadequate real-time/actionable loan pipeline intelligence

  • Accord and its partner can alleviate these pain points using a proprietary loan integration/automation platform (IntegLoan), and optimize the entire loan cycle operation to yield measurable results.

    Platform has been customized and deployed in organizations such as Bank of America and FannieMae.

    Technology agnostic and incorporates best practices in solution design and SOA.

    Incorporates various component modules such as Scheduler, Service Orchestrator, Evaluation Engine, Pricing Engine, Data aggregator, Message Decomposer etc., that work in tandem to automate the entire loan cycle from Application to Servicing and Reporting.

    Rapidly scalable to a wide variety of loan portfolios.

    Example Use Cases


    Accord Innovations uses Oracle FLEXCUBE as one of their Core Banking product, to increase efficiencies of Core banking solution (CBS) by replacing the custom-built legacy core banking solution, also by standardizing industry best practices to improve and expand its services to million of customers, adapt rapidly changing market and regulatory requirements, and increase operational internal controls, efficiency and IT security.

    Accord always emphasizes on increasing operational and decision making efficiencies by proposing a single view to its members, and gives its clients the visibility and agility to quickly launch new products and services or to integrate their core banking solutions with other third party products.

    Accord team has not only overcome the shortcomings of partner’s legacy systems which includes batch processing and limited audit trails, but also significantly improved efficiency through business process automation. Accord's team can assist you in implementing role-based access management, while meeting the internal control requirements and security guidelines.

    We have the expertise of migrating FLEXCUBE from previous version to latest one (Version 8.2, 8.3, 8.4). Accord strategically looks at to satisfy clients' need and delivers quality service that exceed their expectations while promoting efficiency, mitigating credit-market-operational risks, and generating excellent returns. We build a long and outstanding relationship with our partners/clients.

    Accord Banking Practice has a thorough understanding of the needs of the Asian, European and United States for various regulatory compliances like BASELII, SARBANE OXLEY and RBI rules-n-regulations.

    Services offered by Accord Innovations

    • Consulting Services
    • Functional Requirement/GAP Analysis
    • Branch/Regional/ Corporate level Reporting
    • Migration and Up gradation Services
    • Interfaces between two or more systems
    • Testings
    • Training to Users
    • Support and Maintenance
    • Others


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